Exploring the Latest Features in VMware vSphere 8

Exploring the Latest Features in VMware vSphere 8

A Deep Dive into VMware vSphere 8

There are many new features and enhancements that put VMware vSphere 8 at the forefront of enterprise-scale virtualisation management. In this deep dive, let’s consider several core features brought about by vphere 8 on how an enterprise can apply its advantages for benefitting an organization.

DPU-and GPU-Based Acceleration

One of the most anticipated features in vSphere 8 is its support for Data Processing Units (DPUs) and now, GPUs, hardware acceleration that is meant to provide a huge burst of performance for data-intensive workloads. 1vSphere Distributed Services Engine, formerly known as Project Monterey, makes use of DPUs to offload and accelerate networking, storage and security services.

VMware Cloud Console Integration

In addition to making operations more efficient, VMware Cloud Console provides centralized management for on-premises workloads. This integration allows you to smoothly run workloads in hybrid cloud environments, making it easier to manage resources and workloads.

Kubernetes Runtime Integration

For vSphere 8, an integrated, enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime spells innovation accelerated. This means that containers can live side-by-side with VMs–a plus for companies on hand to adopt or expand their use of containerized applications.

Enhanced Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management has been improved in vSphere 8, reducing the work involved in updating or maintaining a virtual environment. Now vSphere Lifecycle Manager, for Management, also has DPU lifecycle management built right in to keep both the host and DPU ESXi installations at the same version.

AI & ML Enhancements

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) improvements in vSphere 8 provide better support for AI/ML workloads. This includes being twice able to double the number of virtual GPU devices per VM, which can significantly improve the performance of AI-driven applications.

Security Improvements

Security is high on the agenda in vSphere 8, with a number of improvements designed to protect your virtual environment. One eye-catching feature that increases security measures is the NSX Distributed Firewall integration in beta, running on DPUs.

New Guest OS Support and Hardware Version

vSphere 8 brings in support for the new guest OSes and has updated hardware version. Compliance with the latest OS releases and hardware technologies means providing a future-looking platform for your virtual infrastructure.


VMware vSphere 8 is an extremely mature platform that brings the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads. Focusing on performance, operational efficiency, innovation and security, vSphere 8 is destined to be a must-have tool for the modern hybrid cloud environment. As organizations continue to evolve their IT infrastructure, vSphere 8 is ready to help pave the way towards a more agile, secure and efficient future.


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