Managing macOS Activation Lock with VMware Workspace ONE: New Capabilities Explored

Managing macOS Activation Lock with VMware Workspace ONE: New Capabilities Explored

In the ever-evolving field of device management, security is always a top concern for IT administrators. The latest enhancement to aim for making administrators feel secure comes with the introduction of VMware Workspace ONE UEM version 2402: managing Apple’s Activation Lock on corporate macOS devices. Let’s go through it together, this update’s capabilities.

Getting To Know Activation Lock

Activation Lock is a security feature Apple added to prevent unauthorized use of lost or stolen iOS and macOS devices. It works by connecting a device with an Apple ID on Apple’s activation servers. If someone attempts to erase or reactivate the device without the right Apple ID and password, then the device is still unavailable.

Earlier, management of Activation Lock was limited to corporate iOS devices that belonged to Workspace ONE UEM. Now IT administrators can also extend this safeguard to managed macOS devices with version 2402.

Setting Up Activation Lock on macOS Devices

Setting Activation Lock for macOS devices in Workspace ONE UEM is easy. Administrators can set this to apply for all DEP-enrolled devices (Devices & Users->Apple->Activation Lock) and enabled. It can then be assigned to one or more Smart Groups that contain devices they want protected with this feature.

As soon as it is enabled, all supervised devices in the assigned groups will switch on Activation Lock when they are enrolled. This may also be set for individual macOS devices from More Actions menu in the device’s Details View, by choosing ‘Enable Activation Lock’.

Dealing With The Challenges Of Activation Lock

Though Activation Lock has been designed to greatly boost security, dealing with former employees who return a device they still own but has Activation Lock enabled could cause problems. Without the former employee’s credentials, the device would be useless.

Thankfully, there is a solution with Workspace ONE UEM. Supervised devices enrolled and managed by Workspace ONE UEM in macOS can bypass Activation Lock. IT administrators can clear activation locks on an individual device via the console, and in case they need assistance get an Activation Lock Bypass Code too.


The new management capabilities for macOS Activation Lock in VMware Workspace ONE UEM version 2402 offer an impressive way to protect corporate macOS devices. Through enabling Activation Lock, organizations can secure their assets and reduce potential data breaches resulting from lost or stolen devices. Furthermore, the ability to bypass Activation Lock ensures that IT departments can efficiently handle device handovers with minimal hassle.


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