Terraform and VMware: Automating Your Cloud Infrastructure

Terraform and VMware: Automating Your Cloud Infrastructure

Amid a fast-changing and ever-more Internet-based world, automation has been firmly established as the cornerstone: it enables organisations to deploy, run, scale their infrastructure with unrivalled efficiency. Terraform stands as a leader amogst open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) tools developed by HashiCorp. When combined with VMware ‘s solution , especially the VMware Cloud Director Provider for Terraform becomes a key tool in cloud infrastructure automation.

A Detailed Explanation of Terraform

Terraform is an IaC tool used by developers to describe and provision datacenter infrastructure using a high-level configuration format called HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) or optionally JSON. It is the resource management tool which is best suited for hybrid environments: with Terraform by yourself both cloud and local sources can be managed through a single way of doing things.

Key Features of Terraform:

Infrastructure as Code: Infrastructure is described using a high-level configuration syntax, so that a blueprint of the data center can be versioned and treated like any other code.

Execution Plans: Terraform allows you to get an execution plan showing what will happen to bring your infrastructure from its existing state, given various inputs, into the desired end-state. It brings that plan life by building out those resources one by one.

Resource Graph: Terraform builds a graph with all your resources in it, and executes non-dependent resources in parallel.

Change Automation: With Terraform you can apply entire sets of complex changes to your infrastructure with little or no human intervention. In fact, there are many use cases for which it requires no customization at all: a perfect example of that is KVM virtual machines on cloudCourtesy of

VMware Cloud Director Provider

VMware Cloud Director is a deployment and management service for VMware vSphere environments designed to simplify the provisioning of computing, networking storage-and now with latest provider addons as complex services like Kubernetes clusters data analysis platforms.

Benefits of Using VMware Cloud Director Provider:

A good match: The provider is designed to work seamlessly with Terraform, so you can manage VMware resources using the same tools and processes that you currently use for cloud resources.

Customization and flexibility: We can customize infrastructure to support specific functions without having to deal with hardware at its lowest level.

Scalability: As your needs change, so can your infrastructure. You no longer need to buy additional physical hardware. And what that means for your business operations is massive convenience.

Automating with Terraform and VMware

Putting together Terraform and VMware Cloud Director Provider in this way lets you follow the lead – and indeed automation – of your VMware-based clouds. Here’s how to make best use of this combination:

Step 1: Define Your Infrastructure as Code

Set up your infrastructure in HCL. This includes virtual machines, networks, storage and any additional resources for your environment.

Step 2: Initialize Terraform

You run terraform init to set up the working directory (which contains all your Terraform configuration files).

Step 3: Plan and Apply

Perform terraform plan in order to create an execution plan, followed by terraform apply in order to put those changes into effect and apply them on your VMware environment.

Step 4: Manage and Scale

Once your infrastructure has been deployed, you may manage it through Terraform’s configuration files. If you want to scale out, all you need is to update your configuration and apply again.

Use Cases

Multi-Cloud Environments: Manage VMware, AWS, Azure and GCP resources all within one unified workflow.

Disaster Recovery: Automate producing standby environments that you can quickly activate in case of disaster.

Continuous Delivery: Integrate with CI/CD pipelines to deploy and maintain applications and infrastructure automatically.


TerraForm’s recent Cisco Systems Cloud Director Provider is changing the way businesses deal with cloud infrastructure automation. With IaC, enterprises can gain greater adaptability, uniformity and dependability in IT operations. As cloud technology continues to evolve, products such as Terraform and VMware will unquestionably be instrumental in preparing us for that future.


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