VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1: Unveiling the Latest Enhancements

VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1: Unveiling the Latest Enhancements

VMware Cloud Foundation 5.** 1 is a pivotal update that has delivered a plethora of new features, solutions, and enhancements to the tech giant’s integrated hybrid cloud platform. With significant steps forward in AI infrastructure deployment and management simplification, licensing muscle-flexing, and clear upgrade paths provided, VCF 5.* *1 has transformed the user experience. The Staunch Highlights are:

Simplified AI Infrastructure with NVIDIA Integration.

Hands down, VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA is the Feature with a PH in VCF 5.** *1 update. The fruit of this collaboration is intended to ease the pain of deploying costly and convoluted-complexities AI infrastructure propelled by NVIDIA. The AI Workload Domain deployment and configuration documentation is now available on the SDDC Manager UI in the form of an in-product screen. Sure as eggs is eggs, this solution will expedite the AI WD deployment to cater to the needs of the developing customer base and IT personnel.

Licensing Made Simple

Licensing Made EASIER!

A single solution license key that spans across all the cloud component products and their child-products, except for vSAN, is introduced with VCF 5.** *1 . The component products of VCF include vSphere Standard, vSAN Enterprise, NSX-T, and other solutions.Making the management of related products, solutions, and their entitlements 1000% simpler, VMware has enabled the solution license key to be applied in the SDDC Manager UI or through the SDDC Manager UI for the components.

Streamlined Upgrade Path

VCf 5.1.1 can now be upgraded from the previous versions such as VCF 4.4.X, VCF 4.5.x, VCF 5.0.x, and VCF 5.1. VMware Validated Solutions. All VMware Validated Solutions have been updated to the VCF 5.1.1 version. Users can find the latest implementation guides and can take advantage of VCF solutions at the VMware Validated Solutions page below.

Bill Of Materials (BOM) Updates

BOM has been updated to include the new product versions. The newly added product versions are VMware NSX, VMware vCenter Server 8.0u2b , VMware ESXi 8.0u2b , and VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16. These updates include new features and bug fixes. Newly added product substitutes will make sure that users are on the current vmware product versions with up-to-date features and several critical bug fixes.

Deprecation Notices

The following products are no longer available with this release.

  • With this release, we’re announcing End Of Availability of Perpetual Licensing and SaaS Services.
  • The VIA and CD bundles are deprecated and removed with this release.
  • Composable Infrastructure feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


In conclusion, VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1 is a robust fix that is essentially the capability’s on overall scale enhancements, mostly in AI infrastructure deployment and licensing management. In addition, its support for the latest validated solutions and product versions means users won’t ever have a seamenever upgrade again. In the future, users can look forward to even more and better innovative ways of managing hybrid cloud environments–as VMware’s products continue to evolve.


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